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we are an Event Agency with FULL AVL Experts. 

we are an events management agency where you can find professional teams to give you turnkey solutions for any issues related to Audio, Visual and Light, also we have a great AVL equipments to deliver your events properly. 

We provide AVL Solutions

High-End Audio Techniques.

Whether it be a small corporate event, large outdoor concert, or a digital recording, Tactic utilize cutting edge sound equipments operated by highly skilled engineers to deliver uninterrupted communication that sounds crystal clear.

Professional Visual Solutions.

Our state-of-the-art Daylight LED screens, projectors, HD displays and innovative screen configurations can transform any space into an immersive environment, Our engineers are experts at bringing your ideas to life through a variety of display solutions.

Creative Lighting Designs.

Enjoy tailored lighting solutions operated by our experienced lighting Designers & Operators. We are specialized in lighting for corporate events using the latest technology, our talented team will find the perfect solution for your event and stage lighting needs.

Selected Events

Have a look on one of our latest events for I Capital Development, in this great event we were responsible for the techniques, sound reinforcement.

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103 El Hegaz St. Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt 11771



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